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This Weekend’s Troop Activities

Just a quick reminder….

Popcorn Show & Sells Begins Sunday:  We have one shift open from 2 – 4pm at Walmart.   Historically this is the best day and best location for our fundraiser.  Let’s fill up all shifts to for a great start!


Panera Dining Fundraiser This Saturday from Open until Close at the Franklin Panera.   Share this attached flyer with friends and family to support Troop 29.   The flyer will be needed so that up to 20% of proceeds will be shared with the troop.   Panera Flyer





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Correction to Troop News 8/21/17

9/6 (Wed) is our first troop meeting at the Charter School.   Sorry for any confusion.

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Troop News 8/21/17

8/30  PLC & Committee Meeting @ the Charter School.  

  • PLC (6:30 – 7:30)
  • Committee Meeting (7:30 – 8:30)    All adults are encouraged to attend the committee meeting.

9/7  1st Troop Meeting @ the Charter School

9/8-9/10   Team Building Outing

8/25 OR 9/15   OA Ordeal Weekend

  • This is for just called out Ordeal Candidates, Brotherhood Candidates or Arrowmen (adults and scouts).
  • Sign up and details can be found in the calendar section of

9/16  Panera Dinning Fundraiser

  • Our dinning fundraisers are fully coordinated by scouts in the troop.
  • Panera’s will be from Open until Close of the Franklin Panera.   Share this attached flyer with friends and family to support Troop 29.   The flyer will be needed so that up to 20% of proceeds will be shared with the troop.   Panera Flyer

Popcorn Fundraiser Launch

  • 9/5 is the official start to sell date with you visiting family, friends and neighbors.
  • 9/17  Show and Sells Begin.   Sign up now to lock in at least 2 slots per scout.   Adults with current YPT are needed as well for each shift.

YPT Training 

  • Now is the time to update your YPT training, it takes only 25 minutes and you are then current for your role and just working with the scouts.  It is the goal of our troop to have each adult be trained in this area.
  • To take the training, go to


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Popcorn Fall Fundraiser

Your troop and council has been busy planning for our main fundraiser event this fall.    Council will be mailing to each of the scouts home information about the fundraiser.   This fundraiser is important to our troop to help support our program for the entire year and enable scouting to be affordable for our families.   There is real pride with each scout knowing how much they are able to contribute to the troop’s program!

Launch Trampoline Park(s)

The first mailing you might have already received is an invitation to Launch Trampoline Park.   The closest one to us is taking place August 5th in Norwood.  All of our scouts are invited to attend.  You will be given a bracelet to use the Launch facilities, enjoy pizza and soda.  Scouts will go through a quick series of fun hands on training sessions and check out the many incentive prizes.  Parents, you too will have the opportunity to ask questions to the staff on hand.

The dates are:  Saturday, August 5th in Norwood or Saturday, August 12th in Watertown.
Click the following links  SIGN-UP and WAIVER or go to

PLEASE NOTE:  Each scout MUST bring a filled out and signed waiver with them to the Launch Trampoline Park  Scouts will not be able to “jump” without it.


Fundraiser Timing

Starting on 9/5 scouts can begin selling to your neighborhood and family.  An order form will be mailed directly to your home to start these sales.  Please watch your mailbox for communications from council.     All orders will be delivered before Thanksgiving.

In addition, the troop will have it’s Show & Sales from 9/17 – 10/23 and sign ups for the locations and shifts will be available mid to end of August.

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Troop 29’s 2017-18 Goals

We are excited about implementing some new ideas as we come back together in September.   It is our goal that through these initiatives the troop experiences greater scout unity and stronger scout leadership – a place where your scout will have character building experiences in a tight knit group of friends.

  • Given the relative inexperience and younger demographic of our scouts, the adult leaders (SM and ASMs) will take a more hands-on with the youth leadership to more effectively guide and train them on how to lead other scouts.    Adult leaders will provide real-time feedback to the youth leadership in order for them to learn and continue to grow in their roles.    Once the youth leadership has become more effective, the adult leaders will allow for more independence.  Through this we hope to establish a successful model for the young scouts in order to allow the scouts to more easily and effectively perform their roles, now and in the future.
  • In order to build strong relationships and encourage cohesiveness within and across the patrols, the troop outings will be geared toward activities that more easily allow for this (e.g. no camporees).  Our outings will be focused on working on activities and challenges as a unit, which will help to further foster unity.
  • With this in  mind, the September outing (9/8 – 9/10) will be focused primarily around patrol team building and we expect all scouts to attend, regardless of their roles within the troop.  In order for the troop to be successful this year, we need every scout to participate in team building and training – no exceptions.   Please mark your calendars.  It will be the foundation for the year.
  • We will build into the meeting schedule where bullying is addressed proactively.   Other meetings might added as needed throughout the year.  The troop will address it context of scout related activities to help them understand and uphold expectations in Scouting.
  • Increased communication with scouts, adult leaders and parents is important to the success and helps identify where in the scouting program adjustments might be needed.
    • Formally, we will tackle this in a few areas:
      • 9/6 there will be a parent meeting at the Charter school the last 30 minutes of  the troop meeting to discuss these goals.    We will set up periodic dates going forward to continue the dialogue about the troop.
      • Scoutmaster (SM) conferences will become more frequent with the scout – not just during advancement.   This will enable the SM to check in more frequently with the scout for their input and to help them stay on track in their scouting journey.
      • Implement trip reports into the SM immediately after an outing.   This might look like with the scouts a brief “how did it go, what did you like/not like” conversation over Sunday breakfast before departing.    The adults on the trip will separately provide a report back to the SM on their overall observations of the outing.
    • Informally, please at all times when there is feedback to go directly to our SM as the main point person.

How Can You Help?    We do need more “brown shirts” (Assistant Scout Masters) interacting with the scouts to be effective in giving them the training, guidance and level of interaction desired.  Please consider if you could be a part of this important role beginning in September.   We ask that all of our ASMs become fully trained.   There are online and classes with council available that supports you in this role – you could begin working on this during the summer!   Working directly with the scouts is a very rewarding and awesome experience having a lifetime impact on our scouts.

We can’t wait to hear the memories and experiences summer camp brings this week.    Begin watching for Troop News emails to start back up mid to end of August.

Attached is a draft troop calendar that is subject to change.   Troop 29 – 2017-2018 Calendar

Deb Ryan                 and                Mike McGuire

T29 Chair                                        T29 SM

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Adult Squanto Help Needed

Adult help is needed for coverage during summer camp week.   Please let TJ know  ( as soon as possible if you can help with any of these time frames.    YPT needs to be current (within the last 2 years).

  • Tue 7/18: 1  Adult from 6PM for overnight
  • Wed 7/19: 2 Adults until 5PM / 1 Adult after 5PM for the overnight
  • Thu 7/20: 1 Adult for Day and Night
  • Fri 7/21: 1 Adult for Day and Night
  • Sat 7/22: 1 Adult until we depart at 10:30 AM

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T29 Parent Forum This Sunday 7pm

Do you have feedback you would like to share with the troop adult leadership?   The Troop Committee and Scout Master will be available to you for a Parent Forum this Sunday from 7- 8pm at the Ryan’s (4 Symmes Road Franklin  508-541-3906).      All parents are encouraged to attend working together as we look forward to the fall.

Please RSVP to Deb if you will be able to attend at

Deb Ryan, Committee Chair


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Troop 29 Memorial Day Weekend Events

Honoring those that have served our country on Monday 5/29:


  • The town has relied on our troop for many years to take an active role in the Memorial Day Parade that honors and recognizes those that have served our country.    We are in jeopardy to support the town this year!
  • What does the service entail?   Set up and take down the viewing and ceremonial area – each about a 45 min committment.   This entails chairs and shade for the veterans, the bell that rings out for each service person that has died this past year and the podium where guest speak honoring Franklin’s veterans.    Much of the equipment for the ceremonial area comes from the VFW which our troop uses for storage and we have easy access to bring to the commons.
  • The troop needs cars, a truck and scouts to help out in this small, but important effort.
  • Sign Up to Help


  • If you are in town and your scout is not in a band marching in the parade, we ask that your scout march with the troop to honor those that have served.  The troop also needs adult leaders to be a part of the parade for 2 deep.   In the sign up above, please indicate your involvement in the parade.
  • Details of timing and locations are all in the sign up.

Supporting your troop:

Outside of the popcorn fund raiser effort this fall, all other fundraising efforts have been coordinated directly by scouts that has included a few dining fundraisers and the car wash that will be taking place this Saturday.  These fundraisers your PLC defined last June to support the troop financially.

May 27 – Troop’s Car Wash Fundraiser effort at Uno’s parking lot  -10am – 3pm.

  • Saturday is to be a beautiful sunny day – a perfect day for a car wash!
  • We have only 7 scouts that have signed up  and we will proceed with the car wash  BUT…. we need more for this to be a good success.     Sign up now!
  • Wear your Class A to promote scouting as we fundraise.
May 27 –  Final dinning fundraiser for the troop year at Uno’s Bellingham – it is an all day event.  It is good on dine in and take out.  Bring  this flyer so that the troop is credited.  Get your car washed and dinner in one stop!

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Memorial Day Parade Cancelled

Due to the weather, the Memorial Day parade is cancelled.

The 12:00 noon ceremony on the common will continue as planned.

Memorial Day is a day to honor our Veteran’s, especially the Veterans that have left us over the past year.  As a community we continue to have the important task of ringing the watch and sounding the taps for our deceased Veterans.

Please join the community at 12noon on the Franklin Town Common in honoring our Veterans that have gave us the freedoms that we have today.

Troop 29 will take down the ceremonial area immediately following – if you are able, please plan to stay to assist in this effort.

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Memorial Day Parade

Please look for a troop news tomorrow morning if there are changes due to weather that causes the parade to be cancelled.  The parade will go on if it is lightly raining.   Decisions will be made by those coordinating the parade around 8 – 8:30am tomorrow.

Those supporting the set up, please continue to plan to arrive around 7:15 am at the VFW.  We might have to be flexible as the morning proceeds.

What a tribute to our veterans if we endure the weather and show up strong in their honor!

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