Troop News 7/2/21

9/1 PLC & Committee Meeting – meeting info will be shared at a later time

Upcoming Trips/Activities

7/18-7/24Camp Yawgoog- Summer Camp

COVID Update:  There appears to be a “delta” variant to the Covid-19 virus, so now the Camp wants everyone to be tested whether they are vaccinated or not.  This is a rapid test by BINAX which is the same test that schools have been using for “pool testing”.   There is a QR Code for you to scan and register your Scout and yourself if you are staying at camp.  They are asking us to quarantine as much as possible the 3 days prior to camp.  We will most likely need to get everyone together on Saturday to conduct these at home tests.  We can do this at Mr. O’Toole’s house.  Also, you may drop off anything that you don’t want to carry from the parking lot to the campsite.  Parents are allowed to come to the campsite to get their scouts settled in, but they don’t want parents to hang around once that is accomplished.
The masking policy is that unvaccinated people should wear masks in camp except for dining and waterfront.  The website says “indoors or within 6 feet of others outdoors”.  We won’t require masks when we are in our own campsite. If fully vaccinated (scouts and leaders) I believe it is not required to wear a mask, but it is recommended that everyone have several available just in case they are needed more than we anticipate. Here is a link to Yawgoog’s Covid Updates.   Click on the link that says QR Code so that you can register for the test.   After everyone is tested results will be uploaded to the RI Medical Reserve Corp.

The Trip Schedule for 21-22 year has not been finalized as of yet, but below are the tentative dates to save:

9/24 – 26

10/22 – 24

11/12 – 14

12/10 – 12

1/21 – 1/23 or 1/7 – 1/9 (TBD)

2/11 – 2/13

March: TBD

4/8 – 4/10

5/13 – 5/15 or 5/20 – 5/22 (TBD)

6/17 – 6/19

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