Dues Notice 11/8/20

by sharontaylor |November 8, 6:30 pm

Troop 29 Dues Payments by End November
It is time for us to recharter the organization and pay our Dues to the BSA. The troops cost this year will be $150 per scout. 

As communicated earlier, rather than relying on fund raising in these uncertain times, we are asking each family to pay this fee. If individual scouts would like to reduce their dues payment they have the option of selling popcorn either online or through the App and having the popcorn delivered directly to their customers. The reduction in dues is as follows:
$450 sales = all dues covered$300 sales = $100 off $150 dales = $50 off

So far Jackson and Landon have made enough sales to cover their dues completely. Well done to both of them. 
Tyler and Fraser are progressing towards the first level.

If you know your scout is not intending to sell popcorn, please pay your $150 per scout either through our PayPal or by check to Julie Baird by end November 

For those intending to sell popcorn, the sales need to be made by the end of December to count for both Dues reduction and Trails End awards.

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