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9/16 Troop Meeting  @ the Franklin United Methodist Church   7:00 – 8:30pm – Meeting will be held in the backyard of the Church and includes information about upcoming Mount Monadnock Trip including meal plans and duty roster assignments. Each scout should bring a tent to the meeting as there will be time to practice putting up and taking down tents at the end of the meeting. Deadline for signup is at this meeting. Please bring a headlamp to the meeting.

Note Concerning New England Base Camp Merit Badges:

Selection forms are due back by the next Troop meeting on 9/16.

Scouts will do 4 “sessions” per day (2 morning and 2 afternoon) each of the 4 days they are at Camp.  There is a column that notes how many sessions each Merit Badge takes up as well.  Most of these are two session MBs, for example: backpacking is two sessions and will likely be an entire morning. 
Scouts will move as a troop/patrol and do these MBs together, so they are not choosing individual MB to work on like at Squanto. Each Scout can select 10 MBs.  The top 16 will be submitted and we will get 12 (4 extra in case others we select are full) in theory….it will probably be closer to 6-8 if we select mostly 2 session MB to work on.
It is recommended that they do not choose things like “Citizen in the Nation” or Rank Advancement.  The high ropes course will take the place of 2 morning or afternoon sessions. They will have an opportunity to take 4 Virtual Merit Badge Classes as well as part of this program (more information TBA).  If you haven’t sent in payment please do so asap.

9/23 Troop Meeting  @ the Franklin United Methodist Church   7:00 – 8:30pm– Meeting will be used to practice setting up for camping trips along with information about the Patrol Boxes and Trailer contents.

9/25-9/27 Mount Monadnock NH – Reintroduction to Scouts Trip

Stay overnight at Camp Wanocksett nearby . Hike Mount Monadnock on Saturday. Departure will be from the Franklin VFW Hall at 5:30pm Friday September 25th. Scouts should arrive at 5:00pm to the VFW hall to help prepare the Troop and their Patrols for departure. Camp will be at Camp Wanocksett, Jaffery, NH and hiking will be at Mt Monadnock State Park, Jaffrey, NH. Cost $20 to be paid prior to the trip. Deadline to sign up: September 16 and deadline for forms and payment is September 25.

Sign up here:

Note: All participants in camping trips (both scouts and adults) must complete a new BSA health care form for this year. And scouts must have a BSA Activity Consent form.

A link to the forms is included in the sign up above.

9/30 Troop Meeting  @ the Franklin United Methodist Church   7:00 – 8:30pm– Meeting will be used to plan for October Camp Sayre Trip. In addition, there will be a Court of Honor.

Upcoming Trips

10/16-10/18 and 10/23-10/25 New England Base Camp – Milton, MA

Overnight camping for two weekends at New England Base Camp in Milton and get the experience of “summer camp.” Programming includes swimming, archery and more. Cost $265. See details at:

11/2010/ – 11/22 Nobscot – Camping- Sudbury MA

Troop 29 Franklin 2020 Popcorn Kick Off / Dues Information

Last year we did a great job raising funds through popcorn sales and between EEE and Covid-19 we did not spend as much as usual on campouts and activities.

This year BSA and council have raised the National Dues and Council Fees that have to be paid each year to keep us chartered. Funds needed to recharter = $150 per scout

This is the only cost we are looking to cover for this year.

We are giving families the option of either paying this directly $150 or selling popcorn to offset some or all of the cost.

The reduction in Dues will be as follows:

Sell $150 of popcorn = Get $50 off Dues

Sell $300 of popcorn = Get $100 off Dues

Sell $450 of popcorn = Get $150 off Dues

Because of the restrictions with Covid-19 we will be unable to have any Show and Sell locations this year, and the Troop does not intend to hold any inventory.  However, Trails End have added an Online Direct option to the App. This allows scouts to either sell online as before or take orders through the App and have them delivered directly to the customer.

There is a delivery charge but there are many free weekends advertised if you spend over a certain limit.

As with previous years there are also incentives for the Scouts in the form of Amazon gift cards. The structure is slightly different, using a point system rewarding card payments and online direct.

Any scout who sold over $1,000 last year will get a free card reader from Trails End (They just need to accept it on the App). The Troop has a number of readers available so if you want to use one just ask Julie Baird for one.

How can parents help?

  1. Register your scout on (have to be registered to get credit and prizes). If you registered last year you can just log in.
  2. Help your scout set up an online profile through Trails End for online sales and tracking of goals. Online sales can be made throughout the year. This link will show you how to properly set up the account online.
  3. Assist / support your scout in neighborhood/family sales.

Depending on your comfort level, your scout may want to work on their own or with another scout to sell door to door and take orders for online delivery. Some scouts use door hangers, flyers or postcards to encourage orders. Some visit houses with posters that can be seen from a safe distance to show the product line.

  • Only payment by card will be accepted by the Troop so any cash that is taken for orders should be kept by parents and a card payment made for the total.
  • Help your scout find the training videos on the Trails End App to give ideas and coaching on how best to sell.

Key Info:

Julie Baird:          53 Winterberry Dr, Franklin            508-315-9717       

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