Troop News 9/9/19

9/11 – 1st Troop Meeting @ the Franklin United Methodist Church.  82 West Central St    7 – 8:30pm **** Our New Meeting Location****

  • We will now have all of our meetings at the Franklin United Methodist Church.
  • Our first meeting back will focus on re-connecting with each other,  understanding the expectations for this scouting year (especially in our new facility) and discussing our scouting goals.
  • We will be discussing Popcorn Sales.
    • Scouts, bring phones or mobile devices to the meeting.  We will be learning about the new Trails End App.  (Wait What?  Bring your phones to the Troop meeting?  Yes!) The Trails End App is critical to popcorn selling this year.  You all have received an email regarding the app.  Please download the app before the meeting.
    • Parents, you are also important for the success of the popcorn sales too.  Please join us at 8:15pm to learn all the information about the new app and expectations for the process for selling.
  • Did you know you can add our Google Calendar to your phone?  Add Troop 29’s calendar ( and never miss a meeting or event!

Popcorn Show and Sell Sign up

  • The Troop will be selling popcorn as its primary fundraiser for the year so full participation is required of all scouts. For the show & sells, there are enough time slots for every scout to work 2 slots. In addition each time slot requires 1 adult to be signed up.
  • The sign up is now open. Each scout is allowed to fill 3 time slots at this time. Once everyone has had a chance to fill 3 slots we will open the sign up further. 
  • Parents should be signing to help their scout for at least half their shifts.
  • Sign up Now!!


9/18  – Troop Meeting and COH @ the Franklin United Methodist Church   7 – 8:30pm

  • Troop Meeting (7-8pm) and Troop COH (Begins at 8pm).  After the COH, there will be light refreshments.
    • Families with last names A-M – please bring a desert
    • Families with last names N – Z – please bring a beverage.

9/25  – Troop Meeting  @ the Franklin United Methodist Church   7 – 8:30pm

9/27 – 9/29 September Troop Outing – Wompatuck State Park, Hingham, MA

  • After much consideration, due to the continued EEE risk, the Troop Leaders have made the decision to cancel the Sept Camping Trip.  However, an alternate activity is being planned.  More details will be shared at the Troop Meeting.

10/2 – PLC & Committee Meeting @ the Franklin United Methodist Church.  82 West Central St   

  • PLC (6:30 – 7:30)
  • Committee Meeting (7:30 – 8:30)    All adults are encouraged to attend the committee meeting.


10/9  – No Troop Meeting 

10/11 – 13 – October Troop Outing – Celebrate Camp Resolute’s 100 Birthday



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