Summer Troop News 7/10/18

Troop 29 Summer Camp

  • This Sunday July 15th through Saturday July 21st
  • ASM Gregg Klawson will continue to send emails and updates to all scouts and families attending.  If you have any questions, please contact Gregg directly.
  • Class B T-Shirts – Troop 29 T-shirts are ordered and will be arriving soon!  We will have these available to be distributed on Sunday for those scouts going to Squanto this year.  There will be an additional $20 fee for the 2 shirts each of the boys will receive.  Jenn Parrella will be collecting the money for the shirts on Sunday.


Troop 29 Class B T-Shirts

  • If you aren’t attending summer camp,  T-shirts will be available for all scouts and parent at $10/each.  Please reach out to Jenn Parrella if you are interested in purchasing.


2017/2018 Scouting Year Photos

  • Pictures from the 2017/2018 Scouting year should be sent to :  These may be memorable moments from Troop activities, campouts, or meetings.
  • Please help us to archive the memories from throughout the year!


Popcorn is Coming!

  • While our popcorn kick off does not begin until September, our troop is able to set up our online presence to sell to family and friends.  By clicking on the Trails-end  link below, scouts and parents are able to create a profile with pictures and any details they would like to share like perhaps their rank, some favorite merit badges they’ve completed and of course what their online sales goal is.  It looks and feels much like a GoFundMe page.  Some troops have already sold thousands of dollars by promoting their online page!
    • When registering the scout we are: Mayflower Council, Blue District, Troop 29
  • Here is a little inspirational popcorn video:


Youth Protection Training

Over the past two years, the BSA has worked with experts in the field of child abuse, child sexual abuse and maltreatment to develop new training and resources that will further strengthen our ability to protect youth. These changes include:

  • Fully updated and revised Youth Protection Training developed with leaders in the field of child abuse prevention and includes insights from experts, survivors and the latest strategies for recognizing and preventing major forms of abuse. This is the designated Youth Protection training for all adults.
  • Expanded youth protection content across all our communications channels will inform and engage our volunteers and parents.
  • An expanded National ScoutsFirst Helpline to aid volunteers and families in addressing potentially dangerous situations.
  • The BSA also provides unlimited counseling and support for healing to anyone who has ever been abused in Scouting.
  • Youth protection training for youth members will be available in 2019.

By October 1, 2018, all new and currently registered leaders will be required to complete the updated training. The enhanced and updated content will allow leaders and councils to comply with all current legal requirements. While this may be inconvenient for some, it reflects the BSA’s commitment to the safety of all youth.

This training is now available on my.Scouting at

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