Special Troop News: Popcorn Selling Preparation

Prepare Before Your First Show and Sell



Popcorn Trivia:  Have you ever heard of mauve popcorn?   It is unique in color (yes mauve) and has a crunchy kernel that has virtually no hulls.  What does that mean?  It won’t get stuck in between your teeth.  It taste great, fewer calories than other snacks and it is gluten free.
Scouts Tips:
  • Be in your Class A with a smile.  Remember, you are selling scouting, not popcorn
  • Arrive 5 – 10 minutes early at your selling location to set up, or enable a smooth transition from the shift before yours.
  • Set up and maintain your “store front” by creating pyramids of the similar popcorn product on top of the boxes.  Keep the area need and attractive.
  • The night before, practice with your family your sales pitch and be familiar with the items $25 and below because that will be at our Show and Sells.
  • Have fun!
Adult Tips:
  • Take Youth Protection Training, if not current in the last 2 years  Just go to my.scouting.org to take the short online training.
  • Be prepared to take credit card sales a couple of days before you shift.   If you have not received an email from PayAnywhere inviting you to set up an account, email Deb Ryan at mjryan4@comcast.net.  Follow the attached instructions after you have followed the prompts of the invitation. getting-started-with-your-online-sales
  • 1st Shift Adult:   Please get your supplies (popcorn, seed money and credit card swipe) from Brian Lewis at 12 Catherine Ave. Franklin.   Please plan timing so that you give about 15 minutes for set up with scouts before the fist shift begins.  Meet with location store manager for clarification of set up location.
  • Last Shift Adult:  Please ensure scouts clean up the location and the scouts thank the store manager for allowing the troop to use their store front.  Bring all supplies and sign in/out information back to Brian Lewis at 12 Catherine Ave.
  • Each shift adult will coordinate sign in/out of scouts and manage money and credit card transactions.  There will be no need to take inventory of product or count money.

Popcorn Show and Sells –   Sign up Now!

  • There are many show and sell opportunities the troop has created.  Each scout is encouraged to sign up for 2 show and sell shifts no later than 9/11.  
  • On 9/12, what ever show and sells remain, it will be open to scouts to sign up as many as they desire as they work towards incentive prizes provided by the troop based on sales.
Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact:
Deb Ryan at 508-317-6317  mjryan4@comcast.net
Brian Lewis at 617-697-0827 lewisbrk@verizon.net


As a reminder all activity sign-ups are now online, signed release forms and payment will still need to be handed in at the troop meetings or given to Mr. Klawson when required.  To Access all Troop 29 Current Sign Ups list and Information:  All Troop Sign Ups

Please provide updates to Amy Pepin, amypepin@comcast.net, before 9am on Monday to be included in that week’s Troop News.

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