Eagle Project – Heroin Awareness

Ben Water’s project:  

  • Bringing awareness and education to Franklin residents about the prescription opioid and heroin epidemic that is having an enormous impact on our community.
  • On Wednesday, August 12 from 7-9pm there will be a meeting in the FHS auditorium where Dr. John F. Kelly, a world renowned addiction scientist, will give a presentation.
  • The hope is that this meeting will be a good introduction into this problem for those who do not know or do not know enough about this crisis.

Ben’s project is an effort to distribute flyers and posters throughout Franklin to hopefully get people to come to this meeting, in addition to a social media campaign and leading efforts by influential citizens and town officials in Franklin.

Heroin Flyer 1 - Copy

HOW CAN YOU HELP?   Distributing flyers of the meeting in your neighborhood and around Franklin this coming week when you are available.  If you are interested in helping please contact him at benwaters.bw@gmail.com or cell number 774-644-5509.

If you care unable to help distribute flyers, please help yourselves by attending this meeting.

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