Memorial Weekend Troop Events

5/23 and 5/24  Eagle Projects

  • 5/23   Dacey Field 2 – 4pm   Putting walkways onto the trail.  Project headed by Riley Conatser
  • 5/24   2 – 3p,  Franklin Town Forest   (Summer Street, ½ mile from King Street).   Clearing new trails.  Please bring loppers, hard-rakes, gloves, bug spray, water.   Project headed by Austin Conatser


5/25 Memorial Day 


  • All troop members and leaders are encouraged to attend the Memorial Day Parade May 25th in your Class A uniform. Adults that can walk with the troop is appreciated, 2 deep leadership applies to this event.
  • Time: Arrive 10:00am – 10:15am. Parade will begin around 10:30. If you did not help with set up, please plan to stay for entire program to help take down after parade events.
  • Location: between the United Methodist Church parking lot and the museum.
  • What to bring:  Apply sunscreen before and bring water, comfortable shoes/sneakers

Set up for Memorial Day Parade at Town Common

  • Time: 8 am May 25th
  • Location: VFW
  • What to bring: If you can, please bring a cooler with ice and water for the guests and veterans that will be sitting at the platform – it maybe a very warm day and this will be very welcomed!
  • If you are being dropped off to support set up, please coordinate a ride home, the set up will be completed before the parade.

Please contact Deb Ryan at if you have items to communicate to the troop.   Deadline to submit communications is Monday morning by 9am.

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