Troop News 5/18/15

5/20   Troop Meeting – 7pm Charter School

  • IMPORTANT:  We are missing 2 patrol boxes and were short for this past weekend’s trip.  Please return all patrol boxes this week to be inspected.
  • Final fee for summer camp is due.
  • Personal Fitness meeting immediately following


5/23 and 5/24  Eagle Projects

  • 5/23   Dacey Field 2 – 4pm   Putting walkways onto the trail.  Project headed by Riley Conatser
  • 5/24   2 – 3p,  Franklin Town Forest   (Summer Street, ½ mile from King Street).   Clearing new trails.  Please bring loppers, hard-rakes, gloves, bug spray, water.   Project headed by Austin Conatser


Preparing for Next Scout Year

5/27 Troop Elections 

  • Scouts will vote for Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and Patrol Leaders (PL) (3) for the upcoming year.  Talk to one of the Scoutmasters before 5/27 if interested.
  • All other positions of responsibility will be appointed by the new SPL at some point during June.
  • Scouts interested in becoming either SPL or PL should carefully read the troop’s Positions of Responsibility  Troop 29 – Positions of Responsibility   Your parents/guardians should read it too.

6/24 Planning Meeting

  • The  elected SPL and PLs will need to attend the troop’s annual planning meeting defining trips and community service, scheduled for Wednesday night, June 24.

August Overnight Training 

  • The troop will be holding an overnight training session for all Scouts in PORs on a yet-to-be-determined date in August, before the new Scout year kicks off.  Attendance is mandatory for those in PORs.

If you or your parents have any questions regarding any of the expectations, please talk to one of the Assistant Scoutmasters.


6/26 – 6/28  White Water Rafting –  Shelbourne Falls, MA  White water Rafting-Shelburne Falls, MA 6-26-15

  • Permission slip due by 5/27 and payment by 6/17
  • Costs:  Scouts $80 (maybe reduced if scout participated in fundraising).  Adults who will raft $65
  • An online waiver form link will be provided upon signing up to be completed before the trip

5/30   Fund Raising Car Wash

  • Location – Uno’s/Home Depot parking lot Bellingham
  • Time: Scouts to arrive at 8am, car wash from 8:30 – noon
  • Those scouts that are able to participate in fundraising will be allocated a share of proceeds for their portion of the trip.

5/30 & 6/6 – Uno’s Dough Raiser Fund Raiser

  • Uno’s in Bellingham will provide a portion of their proceeds to support Troop 29.   We will have Dough Raiser flyers available (electronically and hardcopy) shortly to be used to have purchases associated with Troop 29.   
  • Encourage friends and family to support our troop on these days!


5/25 Memorial Day Events


  • All troop members and leaders are encouraged to attend the Memorial Day Parade May 25th in your Class A uniform, unless you are playing in a school band for this event.  Adults that can walk with the troop is appreciated, 2 deep leadership applies to this event.  Please contact Kevin if you are able to participate at
  • Time: please arrive between 10:00am – 10:15am. Parade will begin around 10:30. If you did not help with set up, please plan to stay for entire program to help take down after parade events.
  • Location: between the United Methodist Church parking lot and the museum.
  • What to bring: Be in your uniform. Apply sunscreen before and bring water, comfortable shoes/sneakers

Set up for Memorial Day Parade at Town Common

  • Troop 29 has volunteered as a service project to help set up for the parade. The set up involves assisting with loading of water, chairs, flags and coolers to the common and setting up some tents. Set up team also go to Dean College for podium and platform.
  • Time: 7:15am May 25th
  • Location: VFW
  • What to bring: If you can, please bring a cooler with ice and water for the guests and veterans that will be sitting at the platform – it maybe a very warm day and this will be very welcomed!
  • If you are being dropped off to support set up, please coordinate a ride home, the set up will be completed before the parade.


7/12 – 7/18 2015 Summer Camp – Squanto

Coordinator:  Tim Cook – send email to

Summer camp is a great time for scouts to earn merit badges and get to know their fellow scouts.  This year, we will need additional parent volunteers.

  • Location:Camp Squanto   200 Cutters Field Road, Plymouth, MA 02360
  • Cost:$385/scout
  • Contact Tim if your scout is likely to attend by emailing Tim with the following:  Scout’s name,  Scout’s t-shirt size, Parents’ name(s), Parents’  email address, Best phone number to use, Volunteering preference (full week, first half, second half)
  • Forms:
    • 2015_Merit_Badge_Schedule – Please do not hand this in. Mark badge selections on troop forms
    • SummerCamp_Troop29_Forms_2015– There are 3 pages. Adults and scouts should sign permission slip. Please fill in badge choices and contact complete info. Please return medication/allergy form with scout’s name on it even if no medications are required and no allergies exist.
    • BSA_Medical_Form– This requires a signature from the pediatrician’s office and that signature must be dated within 12 months of camp.
  • Important dates:
    • 5/13 – Final fee is due, for a total of $385  (Cost goes up by $20 per scout after this date!)
    • 5/27 – All paperwork  is due


6/17 Court Of Honor (COH) 

  • 5/27 – Final submission of blue cards and advancement is due


Adult Involvement Opportunities

  • Coordinate a trip outing for a month.
  • There will be movement in current roles (Chairman, ASM, etc).  Now is a perfect time to be trained.
  • Please talk to Anna Dos Santos at our troop meeting to learn more.


Please contact Deb Ryan at if you have items to communicate to the troop.   Deadline to submit communications is Monday morning by 9am.

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