Troop News 4/6/15

There are a number of new items in this week’s post that are now in effect.  Please take a few minutes to read over.

Electronic Devices Policy

Scouts are not to bring any electronic device (cell phone, tablets, computers, etc.) to a troop outing and electronic devices are highly discouraged at troop meetings.  One of the objectives of scouting is to have scouts interact with other scouts and electronic devices inhibit that interaction and encourage isolation.  Adults at all scout events/meetings will have cell phones for a scout to use in event there is a need to contact a parent.  If a device is seen at an outing or meeting, it will be stored in a safe place until the end of the event.  In rare cases, cell phones may be permitted for safety reasons and scouts and parents will be notified via the permission slip or Troop News.


Early Scout Dismissal Policy

If a scout is needing to be dismissed before the end of a scouting event the following needs to take place to ensure safety and accounting of all scouts attending the event:

  1. If it is a planned early departure, the early departure must be indicated in advance via the permission slip so that documentation is in place with the troop and filed with council.
  2. Only due to illness or other emergency should there be an unplanned dismissal.   In that instance the scout must speak to his SPL and Adult Leader for the event so that the parent can be contacted.
  3. At time of dismissal, the scout must check out with the SPL and the parent must check out with the Adult Leader that has been defined on the permission slip.


Scout Driving Policy

In review of BSA troop insurance and guidelines, Troop 29 has determined that scouts of driving age can not drive other scouts to and from events unless the scout is a sibling.  This policy applies to those scouting events that involve a permission slip to attend.   In the event the scout is a driver, that scout needs to be part of the registration of the trip in advance, including defining the vehicle and driver’s license number to be filed with council via the Tour Plan.

This policy does not include driving to and from weekly scout meetings.


4/8  Troop Meeting 7pm – Charter School

  • Final date for $20 payment for April backpacking
  • We need additional adults to support the April trip.
  • Parent information summer camp meeting lead by Tim Cook


4/10 – 4/12 Backpacking the MidState Trail Backpacking-permslip-04-10-2015

  • Additional adults are needed to support this trip.  Please contact George @ immediately if you are able to help out.
  • BACKPACKING PREPARATION:   In order to insure a fun and safe backpacking trip, each scout needs to fully consider the scout motor “Be Prepared!”   Please consider your past training, the “Ten Essentials” and your wise judgment in packing 100% of the necessary gear.   We will be discussing proper gear more at this week’s meeting.  Below are a few of the critical ones:
    • Proper Boots – water proof and warm
    • TWO quarts of water
    • FOUR pairs of socks -wool not cotton
    • Extra Room in your pack to carry Patrol & Troop gear
    • Proper trail meal planning


5/15-5/16  Rock Climbing Quincy Quarries and Camp Sayre

  • Deadline to sign up for this trip is April 15th. Cost of trip is $20 and payment due by 4/29.  Quincy Quarries & Camp Sayre
  • BSA health form will be required.   Those that attended summer camp may already have one on file.  Please confirm with Tim Cook.   Health forms must be provided by 4/29.   health form parts_ab-1


7/12 – 7/18 2015 Summer Camp – Squanto

Coordinator:  Tim Cook – send email to

Summer camp is a great time for scouts to earn merit badges and get to know their fellow scouts.  This year, we will need additional parent volunteers.

  • Location:Camp Squanto   200 Cutters Field Road, Plymouth, MA 02360
  • Cost:$385/scout
  • Contact Tim if your scout is likely to attend by emailing Tim with the following:  Scout’s name,  Scout’s t-shirt size, Parents’ name(s), Parents’  email address, Best phone number to use, Volunteering preference (full week, first half, second half)
  • Forms:
    • 2015_Merit_Badge_Schedule – Please do not hand this in. Mark badge selections on troop forms
    • SummerCamp_Troop29_Forms_2015– There are 3 pages. Adults and scouts should sign permission slip. Please fill in badge choices and contact complete info. Please return medication/allergy form with scout’s name on it even if no medications are required and no allergies exist.
    • BSA_Medical_Form– This requires a signature from the pediatrician’s office and that signature must be dated within 12 months of camp.
  • Important dates:
    • 4/8 – Informational meeting for parents @ troop meeting
    • 4/29 – 1st installment of camp fees is due, $195
    • 5/13 – Final fee is due, for a total of $385  (Cost goes up by $20 per scout after this date!)
    • 5/27 – All paperwork  is due


6/17 Court Of Honor (COH) 

  • 6/17 Troop COH.  Final submission of blue cards and advancement is due 5/27.
  • The Eagle COH previously schedule for June 20, has been cancelled.


Looking ahead

  • Leadership training for Scouts holding a leadership role with the troop next year, originally scheduled for June 13-14, needs to be rescheduled.  New dates will be announced soon.
  • 6/26-6/28  White water rafting trip.   Fundraising is being defined for scout participation to support this trip. Those scouts that are able to participate in fundraising will be allocated a share of proceeds for their portion of the trip.  More details to come in Troop News shortly.


Adult Involvement Opportunities

  • Coordinate a trip outing for a month.
  • There will be movement in current roles (Chairman, ASM, etc).  Now is a perfect time to be trained.
  • Please talk to Anna Dos Santos at our troop meeting to learn more.


Please contact Deb Ryan at if you have items to communicate to the troop.   Deadline to submit communications is Monday morning by 9am.

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