Troop News 9/2/14

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9/3/14  PLC and Troop Committee Meeting – Charter School

  • PLC 6:30pm.
  • Troop Committee 7:30 – all parents are encouraged to attend.  Key items to discuss will be:  Assign adult support for each monthly outing;  Fund raising;  Review opportunities with community service; Reverence; Journey to Excellence; New volunteer roles


9/10/14  1st Troop Meeting 7pm – Charter School


10/15/14  Deadline for Troop COH

  • Deadline to submit completed merit badge blue cards, partial summer camp badges and rank advancements to Mrs. Ryan.
  • Partial summer camp paperwork will be handed out to the scouts at the first troop meeting on 9/10.  The Scout Masters and/or Councilors will be happy to work with you as you work towards completion.
  • Troop COH will be 10/19 at 7pm at the Charter School.   Families should plan on attending.


2014-2015 Troop Calendar   

  • Attached is a draft calendar for this year.     TROOP 29 Schedule 2014-2015
  • There are 3 months where the troop outing dates have not been finalized:  October,  April and June.
  • Our first scout outing will be 9/26-9/28.
  • Please take a few minutes to update your home calendar with the attached information.


Opportunities for Adult Involvement

  • Coordinate a trip outing for a month.    If we can have 10 adults (each owning a month) this makes for a very manageable effort!
  • Community Service Coordinator –  assist in identifying opportunities and assist the troop in coordinating.  There are already a number of ideas the Troop Committee have identified as possibilities.
  • There will be movement in current roles (Chairman, ASM, etc) this year as families complete their scouting journey.
  • Please talk to Anna Dos Santos at our troop meeting to learn more.


10/5/14   Scout Volunteer Opportunity for Remington Jefferson Challenge  (Rain Date 10/19)

  • Remington Jefferson is holding  a 2K-5K walk/run in addition to a Spartan Obstacle Course (for ages 7-14 yrs. old.) and needs youth volunteers for the water tables from 10:30 – 3pm.  They are needing 3-4 youth at each water location throughout the course handing out water.
  •  Please contact Rachel Klawson at  Mrs. Klawson will also have sign ups at the 9/10 troop meeting.


Please contact Deb Ryan at if you have items to communicate to the troop.   Deadline to submit communications is Monday morning by 9am.

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