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Troop Website Photos

Dear Troop 29 Families,   

I have updated the Photo Gallery on the website, as well as on the home page with pictures taken from both the Facebook Page and Mr. Latshaw’s flickr from Campouts during the course of 2012 and 2013. I am just letting you know that this will likely be my final major update on the website. I will continue to update and improve the website slightly during the rest of the summer, but this will be my final post. In addition, if anyone has any more pictures, please send them to: As you know, I am heading off to college in the fall so after summer ends, I will no longer be working on the website, and it will be in the hands of Mrs. dos Santos entirely. It has been great getting this website up and running and I am glad that it has been a success. I hope that it continues to help everyone out in their Scouting journey.   


Best Wishes,   


 – Justin Chander.   




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