Troop News: Week of 6/3/13


  • If you have not already done so, please provide summer camp final $180 (total of $360) installment payment as well as paperwork to Mr. Cook .
  • Adults for the Canoe trip – bring in your certificates of training to Deb Ryan



  • Our Spring Troop COH will be June 19 at the Charter School.
  • We will have our annual year end cookout following our COH.
  • We need help with the BBQ – please contact Anna DosSantos if you will put your grilling skills to work.
    • Families with last name from A-H please bring beverages (small bottles of water, juice, etc)
    • Families with last name from I-Z please bring a dessert


There will be a planning meeting 7pm on 6/25 at Panera.  We encourage scout parents to attend as we set the agenda for next year.


  • Adults that are attending the June canoe trip must take the Safety Afloat Certification
  • Any new adults to the troop need to take Youth Protection Training.
  • Once completed, please present to Deb Ryan the certificate you will receive online for the training for recording purposes.
  • To take the training, go to and scroll down to find the training.
  • You do not need to have a BSA ID to take the training. However, if you do have one, please log in so that the training will be connected to your ID for future references.


  • Calling All Families – Tubes and PFDsWhile we are on the June trip we will have an opportunity for the scouts to float on the river in tubes. This will be after we have returned our rental gear. Can you lend us your PFDs and inner tubes? Please put your name on them and bring them to the court of honor. Thanks.June 21-23: Canoe Trip Update1. We have filled the canoes for the trip.

    2. Adults, we need volunteers for a number of duties. Please see below.

    3. Scout roster:

    • Austin Conatser
    • Riley Conatser
    • Pat Peterson
    • Dylan Pare – needs swim test, see below
    • David Roche
    • Ethan Szilniczky
    • Pat Cronin
    • Spencer Jolie
    • Andy Pritchard
    • Thomas Sojka – needs swim test, see below
    • Kinley Baird
    • Zac Schwartz
    • Robert Sinibaldi
    • Brendan Ryan

    4. Adult roster:

    • Dan Conatser
    • John Peterson
    • Steve Szilniczky
    • Steve Jolie
    • Bob Pritchard
    • Jan Sojka
    • Jeff Schwartz
    • Marty Ryan
    • Bob Latshaw

    Scout swimmers

    Scouts must have passed the BSA swim test prior to this trip. If you have the swimming merit badge or if you have passed the swim test at summer camp you are all set, you do not need any more testing. Mr. Cronin has offered to administer this test for those that need it.   Dylan and Thomas should contact Mr. Cronin ASAP.

    Packing for the trip

    In addition to the regular packing list, also bring the following.

    • Water shoes or an extra pair of sneakers that can get wet in the canoe. You may need to get out of the canoe in the middle of the river.
    • Bathing suit
    • Towel
    • Ball cap to help keep the sun off your face.
    • Small day pack with 2 trash bags. This is to bring extra dry clothes.
    • Rain gear.
    • The outfitter provides PFDs, but if you prefer to you can bring your own.
    • Adults will prepare the food, but you should bring your mess kit (dish, cup, fork, knife, spoon).

    Adult help needed

    • Adults – send Bob Latshaw an email so he can get your email address. There will be important communications leading up to the trip that need to go out more often than this weekly email.
    • We will be buying and preparing the meals for the scouts. This is a tradition for the June trip. We need someone to put together a meal plan for 14 scouts and 9 adults. We need someone to buy the food. We will all help prepare the food. Please email Bob Latshaw if you can help.
    • Adults must take the safety afloat training class prior to the trip and you must provide Deb Ryan with a certificate of completion. We would appreciate it if you would do this as soon as possible. Please don’t make it difficult on the trip leaders; we don’t want to have to track you down on this. See below for details on this training. Would someone volunteer to monitor the completion of this with Deb?
    • As it stands now we don’t have anyone to pull the trailer, so please be prepared to carry group gear and scout gear in your car. If you have a rooftop cargo carrier, please bring it along.
    • Bob Latshaw will gather with adults for a few minutes during the court of honor cookout to checkpoint trip preparation.
    • It is presumed that all adults will paddle the river. We have an odd number of adults so we will need one adult to go in a kayak. Bob can bring a kayak for someone, but if someone wants to volunteer to bring their kayak and paddle in it, that would be appreciated.

If you have any announcement that needs to go to the troop, please send it to Deb Ryan at  by 9:00am on Mondays.

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