Troop News: Week of 5/13/13


  • If you have not already done so, please provide summer camp final $180 (total of $360) installment payment to Mr. Cook .
  • Please bring back any troop camping gear from April’s trip.
  • Don’t forget to bring in your May trip permission slips and indicate how you, as an adult, can support this trip.


All troop members and leaders are encouraged to attend the Memorial Day Parade May 27th in your uniform, unless you are playing in a school band for this event. Adults that can walk with the troop is appreciated, 2 deep leadership applies to this event.   Please contact Kevin if  you are able to participate at

  • Time: please arrive between 10:00am – 10:15am. Parade will begin around 10:30
  • Location: between the United Methodist Church parking lot and the museum.
  • What to bring: Be in your uniform. Apply sunscreen before and bring water, comfortable shoes/sneakers

Set up for Memorial Day Parade at Town Common

Troop 29 has volunteered as a service project to help set up for the parade.  The set up involves assisting with loading of water, chairs, flags and coolers to the common and setting up some tents. Set up team also go to Dean College for podium and platform.

  • Time: 7:15am May 27th
  • Location: VFW
  • What to bring: If you can, please bring a cooler with ice and water for the guests and veterans that will be sitting at the platform – it will be a very warm day and this will be very welcomed!

If you are being dropped off to support set up, please coordinate a ride home, the set up will be completed before the parade.



1. Scouts should be sure to bring the following on the bike ride
– A small pack, like a school book bag, to carry gear on bike ride
– 1 Quart water bottle
– Lightweight rain jacket
– Bike, no BMX type bikes
– Helmet

2. Adults that are biking should be sure to bring the following
– A small pack to carry gear
– Water bottle
– Lightweight rain jacket
– Assortment of basic tools to repair a flat tire or adjust the seat height on a bike. Things like a couple of adjustable wrenches, a pair of needle nose pliers, allen wrenches
– A small portable pump
– I will give you a patch kit
– I will give you some wet-wipes
– First aid items – large bandaids, gauze pads, medical tape
– Sunscreen
– Bike
– Helmet – All bike riders, including adults, must have a helmet

3. A request to all scout families
– Do you have a small portable bike pump that you can lend to our adult bike riders? If so please bring it to this week’s meeting. Please put your name on the pump


Our Spring Troop COH will be June 19 at the Charter School.   All blue cards and advancement must be submitted to Mrs. Ryan no later than June 5th to be a part of the COH.  Please plan accordingly.

If you have any announcement that needs to go to the troop, please send it to Deb Ryan at  by 9:00am on Mondays.

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