Troop News: Week Of 3/25/13


  • We will be having 6 new scouts join our troop this week from Pack 92.  Kinley Baird and Brendan Ryan will be their guides.  Please warmly great them so that they feel welcome at our troop.
  • Don’t forget to bring in all completed blue cards and rank advancements that have recently been completed and give to Mrs. Ryan.
  • Please provide summer camp feedback to Mr. Cook so that we can begin to prepare.
  • Bring in your April trip permission slips.


The Troop would like to send out a huge thank you to all the Merit Badge Councilors that made this past weekend’s Camping Trip a huge success.  Every scout had a lot of fun and really enjoyed their MB classes in Cooking, Cycling, Family Life, Citizenship in the Nation, and Camping.

The weekend also included a large amount of Rank Advancement work by many of our Scouts, and even a very vigorous game of touch football.

The success of our Troop and of our Scouts can be traced back to the excellent adult volunteers that we are blessed to have at Troop 29.   The reward for these adult volunteers and their time can be found in the growth of each Scout.

Please thank them the next time you see them, and maybe even consider joining them.  And congratulations to the Scouts that earned Merit Badges and Rank Advancement this past weekend.


On the April trip we will concentrate on improving our orienteering skills. We will also hike to the top of Noscot hill from which you can see Boston. Scouts will need to have a proper compass for this trip. The troop has a couple to lend out, but since a compass is one of the 10 essentials that every scout should pack, you should really consider buying a compass. You can get a good one for $10 to $15.

It is important that you by the proper type of compass. It should have these features:

    • You can see a good example of the proper compass here
    • Notice that this example has a rectangular clear base plate and the red arrow in the circular part of the compass (it looks kind of like a shed)
    • Please do not bring military style or small novelty compasses, they will not be sufficient for the instruction session

Please see the attached permission slip.   Nobscot 042613 Perm
Please see the attached trip overview.  2013 04 Nobscot

Scouts – note that we will hike in about 1/2 mile to our campsite, so you need to think about what sort of cooking gear you will bring.


Summer camp is a great opportunity to earn a few merit badges and to get to know your fellow scouts.  For scouts 13 and over, we may be able to arrange an alternate camp experience that same week.  Some rough details appear below.  Please read and contact Tim Cook with the requested info at
Tim will collect deposits one week from now with final payments due around the middle of May.  At this point, we would just like to gauge interest in the two options.  Please take a look at the brief descriptions below and let Tim know your interest this week.  Here are the details at this time:
Traditional Camp Squanto – cost approximately $350 to $370 – Scouts of any age can attend.
    • Scouts earn merit badges and participate in some evening activities.
    • Last year’s information is on their website:
    • Expect updated info (cost and merit badge selections in particular) next week.
Maritime Adventure Crew – cost estimated at $425-$450 – May be available to scouts 13 and older.  Would only be appropriate for scouts who have been camping with us on our regular troop outings.  This program would be limited in terms of the number of scouts based upon a number of factors.
    • We would be the only troop attending Squanto to participate in this program.  They offered it last year, but there were no takers.
    • Can only pursue it if we have enough interest and adult volunteers.
    • Here is information about the proposed experience:
      • Arrive at camp on Sunday, July 14th, participate in swim checks, eat dinner, and camp for Sunday night with the rest of our troop.
      • The maritime crew would depart camp Monday morning and meet our guide just across the bridge on the cape.
      • The crew would spend the next 4 days/nights between Barnstable and Chatham, a schedule similar to the attached run by Cap Cod and the Islands Council.  Exceptions are that less biking is involved and there would not be a whale watch:
      • Scouts would need packs, sleeping bags and personal gear/clothes.  All tents, bikes, food, cooking gear, and other equipment are provided for us.
      • On Friday afternoon, the maritime crew returns to Camp Squanto, have dinner with the rest of the troop, camp in our campsite and return to Franklin Saturday morning.
Please get back to Tim this week with the following.  We can only pursue the maritime option if enough people reply:
  • Scout’s name
  • Can parent volunteer? (full week, first half of week, last half of week, not at all)
  • Option 1, 2, 3, or 4  (2 and 3 only apply to scouts 13 and older)
1) Will attend traditional camp
2) Will attend maritime camp if numbers, volunteers, and details work out, otherwise will attend traditional camp
3) Will only attend if maritime camp works out
4) Scout cannot attend camp this summer



Our Spring Troop COH will be June 19 at the Charter School.   All blue cards and advancement must be submitted to Mrs. Ryan no later than June 5th to be a part of the COH.  Please plan accordingly.

If you have any announcement that needs to go to the troop, please send it to Deb Ryan at  by 9:00am on Mondays.

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