Troop News: Week of 11/26/12


  • Bring your Rock Climbing permission slip – see details below.  We need to have a headcount of attendance by Wed eve at the meeting.   If you will not be at the troop meeting, please contact Doug Hartnett at  if you will be attending Rock Climbing (see below)
  • The Citizenship in the Community merit badge class will be begin at 6:00pm on Wed, 11/28, in the auditorium.

ROCK CLIMBING at the Rock Spot Gym in Lincoln, RI 12/15-16

  • We have a great trip planned for December. We will be rock climbing at the Rock Spot Gym which is located at 100 Higginson Avenue in Lincoln RI.  The trip will start on Saturday night and end on Sunday morning. As always we need plenty of adults to help us to make this work. Here is the information about the trip.
  • We need to get a count this week so that we know if we will have at least 20 scouts. We also need to know how many scouts will take the merit badge class.  Please contact Doug Hartnett at this week if you will be attending.
  • You will need waiver forms and Rock Spot Perm 121512.
  • Cost is $30 per person (including adults wanting to climb) or $45 if you are pursuing a merit badge.

For further details of the trip, please refer to the Troop News Week of 11/12/12.


In the upcoming scout meetings we will concentrate on tying knots. In particular we will work on the rewoven figure-8 knot. This is the knot that you use to tie yourself to your rock climbing harness. You can find a good video on tying the rewoven figure-8 knot here (check out the cool technique at the end of the video) . Practice this knot before the next meeting.

If you have any announcement that needs to go to the troop, please send it to Deb Ryan at  by 9:00am on Mondays.

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